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SUGOi Sweets is so delighted to bring you a new project, a collection of our favorite teas.  While living in Japan we were shocked by how much we enjoyed tea shops.  The combination of tea and sweet treat was pure harmony.  Often, sweets came in the form of various wagashi, mochi, or higashi and created balance against the umami of high-end green teas or roasty hojicha.  In launching MOKOMA Select Teas we hope you find a perfect compliment to our range of sweet offerings or to set the ideal tone for the moment. 

Mokoma Teas

Each tea is hand-selected by us from makers we trust.  You will find a wide selection of matcha powders from our favorite Tea House in Japan - Marukyu Koyamaen.  They began tea cultivation in the Uji region in 1704.  Over the years they have won numerous awards in Japan for their quality teas.  We are proud to share with you this collection of tea.  Other teas are chosen from tea producers we trust and like. 

We also have a collection of tea accessories, including pots, bowls and matcha-ware.  Visit this LINK to view.