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When we created MOKOMA Select Tea we knew more was needed to ensure you could enjoy these loose leaf teas and powders.  Since many of us begin our tea journey pouring boiling water over previously proportioned tea sachets, we did not have all the tea tools necessary to get the most from the tea experience when we moved into other teas.  For this reason we bring you a selection of tea tools and accessories to help you unlock the most from your tea experience. 

These items have been selected not only because they are beautiful, but because of their function.  They are intended to give you control over your tea experience... allowing you to experiment with different portions and temperatures so you can find your favorite combinations.  We also find that working with loose tea has a therapeutic quality.  Whether it is the botanical nature of tea, the quality use of time, the focus required to brew, the reward of a good brew, or the combination of elements, we find ourselves in a better place as the  result of tea.