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KESSHO Chocolate Bars
KESSHO Chocolate Bars
KESSHO Chocolate Bars
KESSHO Chocolate Bars

KESSHO Chocolate Bars

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KESSHŌ — a name that translates to "Crystal" in Japanese — has dual significance. On one hand, it pays homage to the splendid crystalline structure of chocolate. But on a deeper level, "KESSHŌ" signifies the rewards that spring from laboring over what you love, embodying our painstakingly precise bean-to-bar process. Every step of the journey, from selecting organic cacao farms to manufacturing in our boutique factory in Austin, TX stands as a testament to their dedication.



Lamb Skewer Goat Milk 60%

TASTING NOTESA balanced mix of goat milk, cumin and subtle heat from chili peppers.

This chocolate was inspired by late nights in Beijing, where you can smell roasting lamb skewers as street vendors fan the flames of long coal grills. We start with Ugandan cacao, grind it with creamy goat milk, and season it, lamb-skewer style, with cumin and chili peppers. This is a bar to remember.


CACAO ORIGIN: Semuliki Forest - Uganda

Ingredients: Whole cacao beans, sugar, cocoa butter, goat milk powder, cumin powder, chilli powder 2.1oz (60g) bar.

Contains milk. Made in a facility that handles tree nuts, wheat, sesame and egg.


Boba Tea Milk Chocolate 44%

TASTING NOTES: Boba, caramel, and chocolate fudge.

We take black tea, carefully sourced from Fujian Province in southern China, and Ecuadorian cacao beans, and blend them with brown sugar into a creamy treat. This elevated chocolate bar is sure to satisfy boba tea lovers.

CACAO ORIGIN: Cayapas Rivers - Ecuador

Ingredients: Cocoa butter, brown sugar, whole cacao beans, whole milk powder, skim milk powder, black tea powder, sugar, dark brown sugar. 2.1oz (60g) bar.

Contains milk. Made in a facility that handles tree nuts, wheat, sesame and egg.


Mulled Wine Dark Chocolate w. nibs 74%

TASTING NOTES: Rich dark chocolate with fruity, tangy, wine-infused nibs.

Savor the inviting warmth of our mulled wine bar. Masterfully crafted by processing Ugandan cacao into nibs and soaking them in a blend of Cointreau, rum and Marsala wine, this treat presents a symphony of tangy-sweet flavors and the soothing allure of wine. To heighten the sensory experience, we've embedded some of the nibs into the bar, striking a perfect harmony between smooth chocolate and tantalizing texture. A true delight for chocolate connoisseurs, each bite promises a memorable, exquisite journey.


CACAO ORIGIN: Semuliki Forest - Uganda

Ingredients: Whole cacao beans, sugar, cointreau, rum, marsala, cocoa butter, cinnamon powder, soybean lecithin. 2.1oz (60g) bar.

Contains soy. Made in a facility that handles dairy, tree nuts, wheat, sesame and egg.