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Matcha - Uji, Japan

Premium Sencha │ MOKOMA Select Tea

Premium Sencha │ MOKOMA Select Tea

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Premium Japanese sencha.  Creates a delicious, light-bodied tea perfect for daily enjoyment.  A perfect staple in your green tea collection. This tea offers a delicate aroma of spring with a pleasant bitterness.

Source: Uji, Kyoto, Japan
Best Before: Use as quickly as possible. 
Storage: Store in a cool dark place. Frequent opening of the bag will result in loss of flavor. 

1. Measure 10 g tea leaves into a Japanese teapot.
2. Cool boiled water down to 75℃ / 167°F.
3. Pour warm water into the teapot and tea cups. 
4. Pour water back into boiling pot and maintain 75℃ temperature.
5. Place tea leaves into Japanese teapot.  
6. Pour 200 ml / 6.8 oz of warm water over tea leaves in the teapot.
7. Steep for 60 seconds.
8. Pour an equal amount of tea into each cup.

❖ This tea goes 3 steeps. For the second and third infusions, use hotter water and brew shorter.  All steeps will present a different flavor.