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Eiju │ Matcha │ Marukyu Koyamaen

Our top-grade matcha option.  Make as a thin (usucha) or thick matcha (koicha).  Your journey begins when the tin is opened and you experience the fresh aroma and vibrant green.  

Prepared as a koicha expect a mouthful of flavor; look for hints of roasted nuts and fresh picked spinach (umami).  Prepared as a usucha the texture is light and smooth with flavor that is sweet (for a matcha) and creamy.   

Unlike Kinrin, the Eiju is not as sensitive to water temperature during preparation.  Making it perfect for the inattentive and more forgiving for those without perfect instruments or experience.  

Eiju Character Profile


STEP 1. Add matcha powder ( 2g / 1 tsp / 2 chashaku scoops) into a suitable tea bowl.
STEP 2. Pour 70 ml / 2.4 oz of water 80℃ / 176°F water over the matcha powder.
STEP 3. Whisk with a tea whish (chasen) until foamy.


❖ Use soft water, but not mineral, distilled or purified water.  Much of US tap water is hard water, containing minerals that may interfere with the taste of your tea.  If you have hard water or lack a filtration system to remove mineral particles, then bottled water can be used.  Distilled or purified water may result in a flat tea. 
If you will not be using soft or bottled water then filter your hard water and go through a process to boil the water for 4 - 5 minutes and let it cool to the temperature needed for your tea. 
❖ As your hot water is cooling, before Step 1, use the hot water to warm up the tea bowl with hot water. Pour the water back and dry the tea bowl with a clean cloth.
❖ Shift the matcha powder to prevent clumping of the matcha powder.
❖ Consume your matcha immediately after it is prepared.  As it cools the matcha will become increasingly bitter. 
❖ Freshness is the most important thing for the enjoyment of Matcha. It is best to use up the tea within one month of opening. 
Marukyu Koyamaen, situated in tea rich Uji - Kyoto, holds a prominent position as a top-tier tea grower, procurer and blender dating back to 1704. Over successive generations, their directors have been devoted to blending contemporary and traditional skills, resulting in an array of exquisite Japanese green tea selections. At the core of Marukyu Koyamaen's philosophy lies the commitment to "Making Teas with Quality as the Highest Priority".

Japan’s National Tea Competition: 1st prize twenty-two times
Kansai’s Regional Tea Competition: 1st prize nine times
Japanese Tea Selection Paris 2021 Matcha Category "Best Award" Winner
Hong Kong International Tea Fair 2019 Green Tea Category “CHAMPION”

Visit the Marukyu Koyamaen Tea House