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Welcome Halloween Shoppers!
We are VERY excited about 🥳, and a little bit frightened of 🙀, our limited edition Halloween Collection this year.  Elle has developed six chocolate bonbons that are sure to delight and fright your senses.  Read all about them below. 
Also, this year we have a little something new for our Chicago community... a partnership with award-winning pastry chef Aya Fukai.  You can pre-order this limited edition Halloween bonbon collection and pick them up at the Aya Pastry bakery / storefront (1332 W Grand Ave, Chicago, IL 60642) from October 23 - 31st.  See below, under 'Ways to Order' for more details.  Chef Elle will also be at Aya Pastry on October 23rd for an in-person pop-up event with her entire collection of goodies. 
How to Order the Halloween Collection
1. Live outside of Chicago and cannot make it to the pop-up?  Or just want your order shipped?  Order directly from our website by clicking the products below.  Note, your order will not ship until the week of October 18th or 25th.  
2. Want to pre-order and pick it up at Aya Pastry between October 23 - 31?  You can order from the Aya Pastry website (HERE) and choose your pick-up day.
3. Last minute shoppers can also purchase SUGOi Sweets from our website or at Aya Pastry in Chicago (during the week of October 23 - 31).  But beware, this collection is limited in quantity. Once sold out they will not return until next year.   

The Inspiration Behind the 2021 SUGOi Sweets Halloween Collection 



Caramel Corn.  Here in the Midwest we get our fall season entertainment where we can find it, and sometimes that is in the middle of a corn field.  Family outings to corn mazes have become a right of passage for many of us. This bonbon was created to celebrate those memories and designed after 'candy corn' and the flavor is a replica of our popular Chicago Corn bonbon.




Cherry Dark.  "I am afraid I cannot do that Dave."  "I am a HAL 9000... computer. I became operational at the H.A.L. plant in Urbana, Illinois..."  - HAL 9000

Flavor, a dark chocolate ganache with cherry compote.  




Green Apple Pop Rock.  Corn mazes are often grown next to apple orchards and pumpkin patches.  Including each of these was a goal for the Halloween Collection. 

What originally began as an alien design naturally evolved into our favorite Scare Assistant, Mike.  He smart, funny, and most importantly... green.  



Maple Pecan.  Eeeee   Eee   Eeee!!! 🛁 🔪 🩸

Inspired by Marion Crane's famous gaze in Alfred Hitchcock's iconic Psycho shower scene.



Pumpkin Pie.  This classic Halloween symbol has been etched into our memories through the ritual of carving jack-o'-lanterns as children, tales of the Headless Horseman legend, or through the many other ways this icon is represented in our culture.  Now, it takes on the form of chocolate bonbon.   


 Ube Bonbon


Ube (Purple Yam).  We could not end our Halloween Collection without some Asian influence.  For this one the design came first. Elle has been wanting to do a susuwatari (すすワタリ) or 'soot spirits', inspired design for long time.  Since they love candy just as much as a trick-or-treater on Halloween, there was not better time than now.  If you are not familiar with the susuwatari you can see them in the Ghibli Studios' My Neighbor Totoro or Spirited Away