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SUGOi Sweets Digital Gift Card

SUGOi Sweets Digital Gift Card

Regular price $15.00

Shopping for someone else but stumped on which goodies to gift, no worries. The SUGOi Sweets Digital Gift Card is here. 

Why this digital gift card? It never expires, use on all our goodies (even one's coming in the future), no postage needed, no processing fees (like those you may buy at your local market / department store), and you can customize the gift giving experience. 

After purchasing, you'll receive two emails: a confirmation email and the Digital Gift Card.  The first email is your order confirmation / receipt with all the items you purchased.  The second email contains the Digital Gift Card with redemption instructions. You can simply forward this email to the recipient once received or print it out and get creative in your gift giving! 

Buying more than one Digital Gift Card? Choose any amount in the denominations you want and 'Add To Cart' for each card.