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FOSSA - Suji Aonori 64%

FOSSA - Suji Aonori 64%

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Fossa Chocolate is one of our favorite chocolates makers.  Every time we look at their bars our mouth begins to water and our mind is amazed by their bold flavor choices.  Each of these chocolate bars are handcrafted in their Singapore workshop.  One reason we love them is they some of the best tea / chocolate bars in the business.  They also do not lack on creative Asian flavors.  See for yourself.  

made in singapore  


Tasting notes: Fruity milk chocolate layered with umami seaweed and toasty genmai.

Suji Aonori (streak green laver) is a specialty of the Tokushima Prefecture in Japan. Harvested during winter from the Yoshino River where river and sea water meets, it is widely considered the most delicious and fragrant green laver.

Paired with Philippines 64% dark milk chocolate and crunchy genmai, you can expect a good balance of umami, toasty and fruity flavours.

Ingredients: Cacao, cane sugar, cocoa butter, milk powder, green laver, genmai (roasted brown rice).

Produced in a facility which processes nuts.

Net Weight: 50g

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