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FOSSA - Oriental Beauty Tea Chocolate 62%

FOSSA - Oriental Beauty Tea Chocolate 62%

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Fossa Chocolate is one of our favorite chocolates makers.  Every time we look at their bars our mouth begins to water and our mind is amazed by their bold flavor choices.  Each of these chocolate bars are handcrafted in their Singapore workshop.  One reason we love them is they some of the best tea / chocolate bars in the business.  They also do not lack on creative Asian flavors.  See for yourself.  

made in singapore 



Tasting notes: Sweet honey and fruit aroma with subtle notes of spices.

Oriental Beauty(東方美人)is a heavily oxidized non-roasted oolong, famed as the original green leafhopper bitten tea. Its well-loved perfumy aroma is naturally derived from chemical response of the plant to insect bites. Made from tips and leaves of varying maturity, the resulting tea is complex with layers of flavour.

FOSSA's preparation blends the tea with floral and malty Ecuadorian cacao from Hacienda Limon estate, creating a 62% dark chocolate that is aromatic yet nuanced.

Ingredients: Cacao, cane sugar, cacao butter, tea leaves

Produced in a facility which processes nuts.

Net Weight: 50g

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