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Matcha - Uji, Japan

STANDOUT - Original Liquorice Swerls
STANDOUT - Original Liquorice Swerls

STANDOUT - Original Liquorice Swerls

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From Kållered Sweden comes Standout Chocolate.  Sourcing the best possible cacao from chocolate passionate people who can provide not only exceptional cacao but who also strive for ecological, economical, and social sustainability.

The result is cacao that is:

  • Certified Organic
  • Single Origin, ie from one specific region, cooperative or estate
  • Fine flavor quality
  • Unique in its taste profile

It also means farmers are paid more than the commodity market price. This is important as it enables the farmers to reinvest their money and develop their farms, as well as their local community. Keeping a high and stable quality for future harvests, as well as improving the lives of those working with cacao.


sweden made  

Original Liquorice Swerls

The sweet liquorice comes from Calabria in Italy and is blanketed in a 50% milk chocolate with cacao from Öko-Caribe in Dominican Republic and milk from award-winning Danish Thise Mejeri.  A sprinkle of natural cacao powder from Equador's Arriba Nacional cacao provides a subtle matte finish.  Truly, a unique and decadent item. 


Ingredients: Organic Cacao Beans, Organic Cane Sugar

Produced in a facility which processes nuts.

Net Weight: 110g