Summer Shipping Information

COVID-19 response

Due to the COVID-19 virus and efforts to limit its spread, many of our Chicago spring events / markets have been cancelled or rescheduled. This impacts so many of us in a variety of ways. The impact for SUGOi Sweets and many of our maker / artists friends you enjoy seeing at local markets can be quite dramatic. As a small business in its early stages we are financially vulnerable. Most of us are exploring the viability of following a passion, with hopes it can turn into something sustainable in the future. That is SUGOi Sweets.

Chef Elle runs the business full-time after her last employer closed their doors about one year ago. Since then it has been an effort of trial-and-error, with all the errors being self funded. We see every sale as a success, affirmation that we should keep going, and 100% of those sales go back into SUGOi Sweets to fund our wish-list of equipment dreams (we would love to have a large capacity chocolate tempering machine), supporting passionate food artists with steady employment, and so much more (bigger production kitchen, more molds for more chocolate, time to make new products, etc). As a new business, events and markets have been our lifeline. They allow us to interact with and expand our customer base, introduce you to our products, allow you to try new flavors, and honestly provide a much needed bump in sales to help us pay overhead costs such as rent.


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Be well, 

Chef Elle and partner / taster Jason